Single Stage Service / Paint Revival Service from £160

Paint Enhancement Service from £400

Paint Correction Service from £800

Detailing services are a very high level of service and offer a few options but primarily producing the best results from your paintwork and also applying a protective solution afterward.

It is however impossible to accurately provide a quote on detailing service over the phone as all vehicles require an ad hoc service based on the condition of the vehicle itself. All our quotes are free and all we ask if that you call our studio team to arrange viewing under our state of the art detailing bays and the car is clean when doing so.

Upon this we will be able to provide an accurate quotation usually with 2 or 3 options and allocate a booking date for your vehicle on the day if you would like to proceed and of course all quotations are free of charge.

As a guide these are the steps carried out on our detailing services:

  • First, your vehicle will be thoroughly washed using our 15 stage, 4-bucket method. All the wheel arches will be cleaned along with the wheels themselves with an option for these to be removed and sealed inside and out using a range of our Inspired Automotive products.
  • The paintwork will be be clayed to remove bonded contaminates, such as ironite and grease then re-washed using our own brand Snow Foam and Shampoo.
  • We’ll then check the paintwork with various light sources, before performing a 1-8 stage paintwork correction to remove all swirl marks, light to medium scratches and imperfections. That’s followed with a quick clean with our Inspired IPA alcohol panel wipe. Options to then seal and or wax the paintwork are available including long term solutions using Gtechniq products such as CSL and EXO.
  • Tyres will be cleaned and dressed with our Inspired Show Shine or Devine Shine tyre dressings. Exterior plastics will be optionally dressed, stainless steel and chrome will be polished with a variety of our products, before a final inspection takes place to ensure your car meets our high standards.
  • We’ll even present you with photos and videos of the process!


Single Stage Service / Paint Revival Service from £160.00
Paint Enhancement Service from £400.00
Paint Correction Service from £800.00

Please note to accurately quote we do request to see the vehicle clean and under our studio lighting so we can evaluate the work required and options available for yourself.

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