Winter Protection Service From Only £120

Multi-stage Pre-Wash Including Snow Foam

Up to 6 Months Winter Protection

Lets be honest over winter no one enjoys cleaning their vehicle even though this is the most critical time of the year to be doing so. At Inspired Automotive we offer our Winter Protection Service which is designed enhance your vehicles looks whilst ensuring it is actually protected from the winters harsh contaminates including road salt and grime. The service is carried out over a full days booking on most occasion and will provide anything from 3-6 months of protection for your vehicle. Due to the lengthy and highly detailed process of service it also means that when you do decide to clean your vehicle the process time for yourself is reduced massively and on most occasions the need to purely snow foam and rinse your car will off can provide you with the desired look and effect.

A typical winter protection service includes:

  1. Multiple stage pre wash inc snow foam, de tarring and and decontamination process
  2. Wheel arches cleaned with the options to upgrade (see below) #
  3. Wheels cleaned using Wide, Wider and or Extreme Stance wheel cleaner
  4. Paintwork prepared de waxed to ensure all our products adhere as they should
  5. The latest Winter Wax applied to the whole exterior body providing up to 6 months protection
  6. Ceramic Pro Glass protection added to all exterior glass as standard practice.
  7. Door and Boot shuts also sealed using Gtechniq Nano products
  8. Inspired Wheel Seal applied prevent excessive brake dust and road salt attaching to your wheels
  9. Door seals and rubbers cleaned and protected
  10. Tyres cleaned and dressed with Show Shine tyre Shine
  11. Exterior plastics restored to a dark gloss look
  12. Stainless steel/chrome cleaned, polished and sealed inc exhausts
  13. Screen wash checked
  14. Final inspection to make sure your car meets our high standards

Prices Start from only £120.00, Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange your booking.

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